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Your PAth to Success







Given the choice, would you prefer to be a “vanilla” applicant, or the “Perfect Applicant” at your next PA school interview? If you prefer the latter, you have come to the right place.


Here’s a secret: the admissions committee already knows the qualities they’re looking for in applicants they accept to their program, way before the applicant even walks through the door. Your job is to demonstrate to the admissions committee that you have those qualities, and –you -are their Perfect Applicant.


In this two-hour session, I am going to teach you a method that will help you formulate answers to every question you will be asked, infusing qualities into each answer. You will learn a powerful technique that will help you tailor your answers to the exact qualities the program looks for in their Perfect Applicant. I will also teach you where to find those qualities before your interview.


You will also learn why the phrase, “It’s not about you, it’s about them” is so important to a successful interview. Once you understand this concept, you will soar above the competition.


Finally, I am going to cover almost every possible interview question you will be asked, to include:


  • Traditional Questions


Learn questions and answers to the most commonly asked traditional questions at PA school interviews.


  • Behavioral Questions


Behavioral questions are the cause of low interview scores, more than any other type of questions. Learn the STAR technique to answer any behavioral question.


  • Situational Questions


Learn how to assess a situation and provide solutions as to how you would handle it. Most interviews include situational questions to evaluate your critical thinking skills, and judgment.


  • Ethical Questions


Learn how to choose the correct answer to these tough ethical dilemmas. I will teach you how to use critical thinking skills, versus answers based on emotion, to conclude on the dilemma being presented.


  • Illegal Questions


These questions make applicants feel extremely uncomfortable. Instead of saying “Hey, that’s an illegal question!” I will teach you how to answer the question, without answering the question and risk offending the interviewer.


  • MMI Questions


The Multiple Mini Interview is an entirely different type of interview. It involves multiple, timed, stations and prompts that you will need to address. The prompts could include ethical questions, role-playing scenarios, and current issues facing the PA profession. You need lots of practice to score well on these interviews.


In conclusion: You cannot “wing it” when it comes to the most important interview of your medical career. With my two-hour Mock Interview service, you won’t have to fear the competition, you’ll be the competition!

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