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Your PAth to Success



(Skype or Telephone)

Not sure if you’re a competitive applicant? Need tips on strengthening your application? Need a roadmap for success? I will personally spend one hour with you, via Skype or telephone, to answer all your questions and help you become a competitive applicant.

I will review your transcripts, healthcare experience, volunteer work, GPA, GRE scores, and your essay to make recommendations, advise you where you stand with respect to the average applicant, and personally teach you how to become the Perfect Applicant.

I will also provide you with a critique of your essay and teach you how to get the best letters of recommendation submitted before the CASPA deadline.




Given the choice, would you prefer to be a “vanilla” applicant, or the “Perfect Applicant” at your next PA school interview? If you prefer the latter, you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s a secret: the admissions committee already knows the qualities they’re looking for in applicants they accept to their program, way before the applicant even walks through the door. Your job is to demonstrate to the admissions committee that you have those qualities, and you are their Perfect Applicant.

In this two-hour session, I’m going to teach you a method that will help you formulate answers to every question you’re asked, infusing qualities into each answer. Forget about the “Old-fashioned” interview techniques. In this session, you’ll learn a powerful technique that will help you tailor your answers to the exact qualities that PA programs looks for in their Perfect Applicant. I’ll also teach you where to find those qualities before your interview, and you won’t find them on the program’s website.

You will also learn why the phrase, “It’s not about you, it’s about them” is so important to a successful interview. Once you understand this concept, you will soar above the competition.

Finally, I am going to cover almost every possible interview question you will be asked, to include:

  • Traditional Questions
    Learn questions and answers to the most commonly asked traditional questions at PA school interviews.
  • Situational Questions
    Learn how to assess a situation and provide solutions as to how you would handle it. Most interviews include situational questions to evaluate your critical thinking skills, and judgment.
  • Ethical Questions
    Learn how to choose the correct answer to these tough ethical dilemmas. I will teach you how to use critical thinking skills, versus answers based on emotion, to respond to the dilemma being presented.
  • Illegal Questions (Unethical Questions)
    These questions make applicants feel extremely uncomfortable. Instead of saying “Hey, that’s an illegal question!” I will teach you how to answer the question without answering the question, and alleviate the risk offending the interviewer.
  • MMI Questions
    The Multiple Mini Interview is an entirely different type of interview. It involves multiple, timed, stations and prompts that you will need to address. The prompts could include ethical questions, role-playing scenarios, and current issues facing the PA profession. You need lots of practice to score well on these interviews.

In conclusion: You cannot “wing it” when it comes to the most important interview of your medical career. With my two-hour Mock Interview service, you won’t have to fear the competition, you’ll be the competition!


Your PA school essay is your ticket to the interview and will be the most important piece of medical writing you’ll ever compose

Are you seeking admission to the PA school of your choice? Let us help you. IvyEssays literally wrote the book on producing first-rate application essays, and I’ve used them to help thousands of PA school applicants get interviews.

As you well know, admission to PA school is tough and competition is keen. IvyEssays is here to give you an advantage over the competition. They’ve interviewed admissions counselors from the nation’s top schools and they know what they are looking for. Let IvyEssays use their knowledge of the process and their experience in the field to get you into the PA school of your choice.

IvyEssays Services

Never submit your essay blindly! Every applicant gets a review, or at least a second opinion, from someone. In your case, why not hire a professional? Put yourself a step ahead by having an admissions essay expert help you with the most important piece of medical writing you’ll accomplish in your career. Whether you need a quick second opinion or a full grammatical review, IvyEssays has a service that will meet your needs.

Free Tips

IvyEssay’s free tips section offers comprehensive advice on writing your PA school essay. From finding a topic, to creating a sound structure, to fine-tuning the details, these tips will help you overcome writer’s block and send you on your way to create interesting and effective application essays.

Editing Options and Rates

Editing Options and Rates
Quick Feedback1 business day$50 for the first 3 pages
$5 per additional page
Full Edit3 business days$125 for the first 3 pages
$ 25 per additional page
Full Edit-Rush1 business day$150 for the first 3 pages
$ 30 per additional page

IvyEssays provides sample essays available for purchase:

  • Artists and performers
  • Athletes
  • Career switchers
  • Globe trotters
  • Hospital experience
  • Musicians
  • Religious
  • Research
  • Volunteers and community service
  • Youthful inspiration

If you plan to use IvyEssay’s services, be sure to mention my name when ordering. I’ve worked with IvyEssays for years, and they know the standards I desire for PA school applicants.


“The Ultimate Guide to Getting Into Physician Assistant School, 4th Ed.”


The Ultimate Guide to Getting Into Physician Assistant School, 4th Ed. has been the “Bible” for PA school applicants for over twenty-two years, to date. This book is now in its 4th edition and has enjoyed a 5-star rating on since 1996! The Ultimate Guide to Getting Into Physician Assistant School, 4th Ed will take you step-by-step through the entire PA school application process, including all new chapters on writing the essay, and an up-to-date chapter on the interview process, including questions and answers. A MUST HAVE for every PA School Applicant!

“How to Ace the Physician Assistant School Interview, 2nd Ed.”

Front Cover How to Ace 071219

Another best-seller, How to Ace the Physician Assistant School Interview, 2nd Ed. has already helped thousands of PA school applicants achieve success, and it will help you too. This 2nd edition is all new and updated with new interview techniques, including the MMI interview. Forget the old-fashioned way to interview and learn my newest technique for tailoring your interview questions to the program(s) you are applying to. So, if you don’t want to be another faceless drone at your interview, I’ll show you how to go from “vanilla” applicant, to the Perfect Applicant!

“Essays That Will Get You into Physician Assistant School”


The essay is the ticket to your interview. In fact, your PA school essay may be the most important piece of medical writing you will accomplish in your entire medical career. This book provides a blueprint for writing your essay and includes 40 essays that worked for others.

“The Ultimate PAth to Success: A Roadmap for Physician Assistant School Applicants”

The Ultimate PAth to Success

My Gift to You:

Why go it alone? “The Ultimate PAth to success: A Roadmap for Physician Assistant School Applicants” is a companion workbook to, The Ultimate Guide to Getting Into Physician Assistant School, 4th Ed, and How to Ace the Physician Assistant School Interview, 2nd Ed.


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