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Your PAth to Success


Helping PA school applicants Since 1996


Andrew J. Rodican, PA-C

Andrew is a 1994 graduate of the Yale University School of Medicine Physician Associate Program. He was also a recipient of Yale PA Program’s Medical Writing Award. Andrew wrote his first book, “The Ultimate Guide to Getting Into Physician Assistant School,” in 1996. The book is now in its 4th edition, remains a best-seller on, and is considered the “bible” for PA school applicants. Andrew has also written three other books.

Andrew is seven-year veteran, having served four years in the U.S. Navy as a corpsman, and three years in the U.S. Air Force as a 1st Lieutenant.

Andrew has twenty-four years of clinical practice and is currently a Clinical Adjunct Instructor at the Quinnipiac University Physician Assistant Program.

He has been coaching PA school applicants to success since 1996.


"The worst part of applying to PA school is compiling your life into one online application. Applying to PA School is tedious, time-consuming, and expensive, BUT it doesn't have to be!

myPAbox is the answer. All you have to do is input your information and it tells you what schools you’d be eligible to apply to at the click of a button. You can filter schools by so many categories: prerequisites, tuition cost, GPA, healthcare hours, shadowing hours, entrance exams, state, and accreditation status. Not only does this save so much TIME, it also allows you to stay incredibly ORGANIZED with all your information in one place. You also won’t be making the mistake of applying to programs you’d never qualify for in the first place, and save you MONEY and heartache of rejection. The year-long subscription is only $65, and if you use my code “AJR15” it’s only $55. I think it’s a steal because as a busy pre-PA student, TIME is MONEY!

myPAbox is your one stop shop to PA school. It will keep you organized and make you ready to go when CASPA opens."

  • What is a PA?

  • PA Versus Nurse Practitioner

  • Difference Between PA & MD

  • The Future of the PA Profession

  • Resources for PA School Applicants

  • Interview Video

  • ABC News Interview

  • Frequently Asked Questions

The Ultimate PAth to Success


This workbook comes with precise instructions and detailed exercises to help you become an expert in the PA school application process and learn what it takes to “blow away the competition.”

The book also includes forty bonus essays in the appendix.

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I have been coaching PA school applicants since 1996. If you invest in one of my products, I promise you that my passion and commitment will be quite evident.

To make sure you are completely satisfied with my products and services, I provide email access to every applicant until they get accepted into PA school.

I have a strong history of success, and my number one goal is to get you accepted!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

I just received an acceptance letter to Touro Manhattan

Beth R.

Andrew - I got into Madison!! I cannot thank you enough.

Michelle H.

I read your book "How to Ace the Physician Assistant School Interview" and found myself calm and ready to perform. It must have worked because... I was accepted!!

Ashley J.

I just wanted to let you know I ended up getting into St. Joseph, which was my first interview that you helped me with…

Alexandra S.

Thank you so much for your dedication and effort in preparing me for the UW and MGH Institute of Health Professions interviews…accepted into MGH IHP!!! 🙂

Chelsea L.

Well after years of applications and interviews it finally happened. Looks like I will be trading in my scrubs for a white coat! I got accepted to Nova Southeastern University in Orlando and Ft. Lauderdale…Your recommendations and assistance with my interviewing helped tremendously.

Liana B.

I wanted to let you know that I got accepted into Cornell's PA program.
Thank you so much for all the advice and the encouragement!

Jessica S.

I just wanted to let you know that I got into the University of Nebraska program!... Thank you again for all of your help, especially helping me prep for the Nebraska interview, it definitely paid off!!

Ilsa K.

I was accepted to both MGH and Touro California! Thank you so much for all of your help.

Ghazel W.

I have amazing news in the fact that I was accepted this week to both of the schools that I interviewed at! I have you to thank for helping me become prepared and confident for the interviews and helping make my dreams a reality!

Emily M.

Great news! I was offered and will accept a spot at the University of Mount Union (my #1 choice)… Thank you for helping me to focus my efforts and help me to realize why I want to be a Physician Assistant.

John D.

Hope all is well! Guess What? I interviewed at Emory yesterday and was accepted today!

Gabrielle G.



Since 1996 I’ve been considered the “Pioneer” in PA school coaching…

I’ve helped thousands of applicants achieve success, and I’d like to help you too!


If you want to feel to stand out during the application process,…

I can help you go from a “vanilla” applicant, to the Perfect Applicant

Goal Oriented

AJR Associates is a veteran owned and operated business. With one goal in mind…

To get you into PA school!

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